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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leadership is Gift

"Blessed is the Leader Who Knows How to Lead others without being dictatorial or Bossy".

Leadership is a gift. Not everyone is born to be a leader. To leader someone is not asking one to follow but to walk besides the other. Walking side by side leadership encourages subordinates to work what the leader is doing or working.
There are types of leadership that seemingly not dictatorial or bossy , but that leader is imposing himself believing that he is the leader and what he wants will surface out. It's not directly dictating but in real sense he or she is in manner of manipulation. this is mis-use and abuse of power.
One dictates because he believes that he has much power but the reality one use power because he /she cannot lead. True leadership empowers. Good leader animates people and move them into action. He has the power within, and that power is a gift.