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Monday, November 3, 2014

Jamie Rivera - We Are All God's Children (Official Action Music Video)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God Works Wonder in my Two Teeth

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One of my great fears is to put my self sitting in the dental chair. It made my blood pressure high to the point that both the dentist and self collapsed. My teeth becomes an indicator of my retirement day.. for I will no longer work when my teeth will no longer be in placed and could no longer be replace by a false teeth. 

At the second day of the  retreat as I took my breakfast with the retreatants. I sense that something was cracking in my mouth and as go on chewing the food I recognized that I am already chewing  my two teeth. What a wonderful moment for like me who could not sit in the dental chair because of my uncontrollable fear.

It is an answered prayers. As I keep on requesting and asking God to in place my teeth for it is vital part of me and to my ministry and  mission.  Days from now I will have a new but false teeth. Thanks be God for He works wonder in my two teeth.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Own Mission: Pope Fracis is Coming to the Philippines

My Own Mission: Pope Fracis is Coming to the Philippines:   Subscribe in a reader " God willing" Pope Francis will visit our beloved Philippines in 2015. Pope Francis wishes to visit th...

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Pope Fracis is Coming to the Philippines

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" God willing" Pope Francis will visit our beloved Philippines in 2015. Pope Francis wishes to visit the Yolanda victim places in the Visayas. With regards of the exact date, this has to be released by the Vatican according to Cardinal Tagle.

Organizers of the visit conducted already an inspection of the possible places to be visited by the Pope Francis. 

What is touching in this visit is that it will be  simple and pastoral in its very nature. Cardinal Tagle said, that the Pope wants to encounter the suffered people by the typhoon Yolanda.

Bishop Villegas also called the people to prepare for the coming of the Holy Father. People are called to pray in personal and family prayer and be charitable. 

Our compassionate shepherd comes to show his deep concern for our people who have gone through devastating calamities, especially in the Visayas. He comes to confirm us in our faith as we face the challenges of witnessing to the Joy of the gospel in the midst of our trials." Bishop Villegas said.

Starting today let us pray for the success of the visit of our beloved Pope Francis.

Monday, June 2, 2014


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One of the good programs provide by the Holy Cross of Davao College to its Faculty and Staff is the spiritual nourishment that we call RETREAT. This activity is done every beginning of the school year. Faculty and staff are divided into different groupings and assigned to the different venues with their respective retreat speaker and CM facilitator

This year, I am assigned  to be with the College Faculty ages 52 - 65. Our venue is at Benedictine Sisters Ulas. Wow! This retreat house serve nutritious and  delicious food. And we have Bro. Noel Vic from the Sacred Heart Brothers as our retreat speaker. Retreat is spiritual activity for us to journey with our-self, God and others. People is a school sitting like us needs this activity to refresh, refocus, re energize ourselves as to start the whole year round of facing our school task as educators. This would help us draw more  closer to God and commit ourselves to our mission.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Birthday Greetings from Bo Sanchez

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Hi floi,

Happy Birthday!
I want to thank you for being you.
I celebrate your goodness.
I celebrate your uniqueness.
I celebrate your greatness.
Because God created you a great person.
With a glorious destiny beyond your wildest imagination.
Go live your phenomenal life!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Friday, May 23, 2014

New Learning at the Age of 59

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Today is wonderful day for God has given me a new learning through an Awesome Presentation. It is something to be remembered at 59.

Our talented HCDC Campus Minister Richard Escobido shared the knowledge he got from Communication Foundation for Asia.

Thank you Richard. .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is it Possible to Have Two Names and Two Birthdays?

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At the begging it sounds confusing, but later on it became amusing. This is my experience of having two name with two birthdays. I grew up knowing that my name is FLORDELUNA. When I was in college, as our school registrar required us to submit our birth certificate it was found out that my  name is FLODELUNA. Since childhood up to first year college I celebrated my birthday every May 23. When I saw my birth certificate, my birth date is May 24. Which is which?  Either of the two. Both are important to me.

Today, I embrace this two names. Flordeluna, the flower of the moon. Flodeluna, the simple flower on earth. I celebrated these two dates. A two day birthday celebration. Wow! Fantastic! I honor the Holy Spirit as my guide in this two days celebration. I offer Holy Mass and a novena to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives the joy in my life. 

Tomorrow and the following day ( May 23 & 24 is another joyful days of celebration of the gift of life God has given unto me. Two days of celebrating the goodness and the love of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in my life. He is guide, and my protector. Thank you Holy Spirit!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Culture from Agriculture

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Do you know where this word culture comes from? One boy responded, it came from the mountain! Really! Mountain? One anthropologist said, that the word culture derived from the word agriculture. Hey hey! Correct! You taker of a plants in a certain conditions to the other. A plant from the plot to the pot. You cultured it .It transformed from nature to human resource.

Culture involves people, in different places with different lifestyle, beliefs, ideas , values and practices.
Is there superior and inferior cultures? None! Cultures emerged from the experiences of people in particular place and time. There is no point also of comparison, but there is call to respect each others culture.

A Challenge to be with the Young

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2014 CatecheticalCongress WEBBANNER

This is the  logo of the 24th Catechetical Congress and Seminar Workshop organized by the Communication Foundation for Asia . And this year's congress focuses on the New Evangelization.  What is new? The message remains the same : THE PROCLAMATION OF THE PERSON JESUS CHRIST. But the culture of the people 30 years ago may be different from our present generation. And to be with this young generation is quite challenging especially  in bringing the message of salvation to them. There is call to understand their culture and at same discover a new way, and  new methods  of introducing Jesus that would be fitting to them.

I am so blessed together with our school chaplain Fr. Rolando Mandreza and Richard Escobido, we are all from the Holy Cross of Davao College attended this Seminar Workshop.

We have good pool of speakers Sr. Gemma Victorino, PDDM, PhD who discussed about biblical grounding. Fr. Ben Alforque, MSC the Director of CRC,  Dean Rolando Tolentino of the University of the Philippines and Estella Garcia who is a pioneered BEC organizer.