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Saturday, December 31, 2011

YEAR 2012

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What is in Year 2012?
  • It has also been designated Alan Turing Year, commemorating the mathematician, computer pioneer,   and code-breaker on the centennial of Turing's birth

Thursday, December 29, 2011

How Do Celebrate New Year?

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I usually celebrate New Year in the mode of prayer. I don't have that custom of gathering rounds objects  or fruits during New Year to have good luck. For me good luck is a blessing. All blessings comes from God. I start the new year with high hopes and belief and trust that I will receive God's blessings and experience God's miracle in coming Year 2012. Though we don't know  what would be our future for 2012 but surely we know who holds the future of 2012 that is God Himself.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Reflection on Christmas Season

Jesus has come and we celebrate His coming on Christmas. When we celebrate Christmas do we limit ourselves in remembering only the birth of Jesus? Jesus did not remain as a child. He grew up and taught us what is really to LOVE  which is the essence and message of  CHRISTMAS.

On Christmas, do we remember the HUNGRY?
On Christmas, do we remember the poor?
On Christmas, do we see the baby Jesus in the sick and the aged?
On Christmas, do we remember the outcast people in our society?
On Christmas, do we remember the prisoners?

Do you want  to give gifts to Jesus? Do you want to do something good to Jesus on this Christmas? Jesus said in the gospel," whenever you do to the least of my followers, you do it unto me".

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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When was that?  Sorry I could not remember exactly the date. What is clear to me  at my adult age this time is the experience of receiving Jesus in my life. Before receiving Him, I encountered and loving presence of Jesus  the sacrament   reconciliation and then the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. It was an of experience of sacredness. I really felt the holy presence of God at that very moment

Today on this 30th. day of November the  grade 3 pupils of the Holy Cross of Davao College Grade School Department receive Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I do believe also that  these young beys ad girls feel the holy and loving presence of Jesus on their First Holy Communion.

During the celebration of the Holy Mass the children joyfully professed their faith and boldly rejected Satan . They also stood up for what they understand. They fully understood that Jesus is the food of their soul as little members of the Church.
The children sung beautifully the songs during the Mass presided by Fr. Arnel Tadeo with Msgr. Julius Rodulfa the school president .The venue adds to the solemnity if the celebration the Sta, Ana Shrine of Davao City.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Teaching Job

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Protestant Church Sold to Catholic Church

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The famous protestant Crystal Cathedral will be sold to the Catholic Church of the Diocese of Orange. Crystal Cathedral is very beautiful gleaming glass church building which is the heart of the Protestant Church in California. The move to sell the Church was approved last Thursday by  U. S Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert N. Kwan . This moved was opposed by many members of the Church thinking that this will be the end of their  church.

Crytal cathedral is costly building church in Los Angeles, California whi h made up of 10,000 panes of glass. The  local ordinary of the Diocese of Orange is so optimistic of this buying of Crystal Cathedral.

'It will become a true centre for our Catholic community in Orange County,' Bishop Tod D. Brown told reporters after Thursday's packed hearing in federal bankruptcy court.

Crystal Cathedral was sold to the Diocese of Orange County for $57.5million
This protestant church building will remain a religious institution and sacred place for worship.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What we Ought To Be

Human being conduct what what we call human conduct. Observed to what is ought to be by the reason of what he is. Precisely he act differently to lower animals though science categorize him as an animals . A dog may carry his foot upon urinating but a person doesn't behave that way. He has an intellect and will. Man has the capacity to understand what is right and wrong and with the light of revelation he is gifted to choose right and good. Why ? Because man is GOOD. Man is not good only because he has so much capabilities. He is good because he is created good. As created good he ought to be good.

Why there are lot of badness around? Because often times s we choose to become one. Doing something opposite to goodness trapt us to think it is pleasurable. So sad it is just momentarily happiness. Bad action would compound and lead one to another bad action, feeling and would lead us to miserable.

Sometimes we think and become envy to people doing immoral acts. Seemingly they are successful and enjoy so much goodness in life. Pause for a minute! Are they really happy and at peace?

By discovering the source of good who is also the source the of life would bring us to choose what is good. For life has a purpose of what ought to be. Live life with a sense mission.

PS. By discovering the source of good who is also the source the of life would bring us to choose what is good. For life has a purpose of what ought to be

Monday, October 31, 2011

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Many who journey and passed this life whose name are not listed in book of saints in our church but listed in the hearts and mind to people  who was touched by their example nary life. They are saints unknown to many but known to the few and to God Himself. They became saints not because they are blameless. These people commits sins in their lives like you and me. Why they became saints? Whey God open His kingdom for them? One of the many reasons why they became saints because as they struggle against many odds in life they fully understood and believe that God really loved them without any reservation and expectation. And these love of God in them permeates in their lives and they allow God to make miracle in their struggle. A midst of these struggle moving towards God there were few who have witnessed them. But many also who struggled for Gods glory were never seen and recognized but God recognize them as they silently  trust and believe God in their hearts and make an effort to follow His Will. 

You and I can never be perfect by our own ways and effort, but we have the assurance that God is perfect and will make us perfect through His son Jesus who gave up His body,  shed His blood for our perfection. Ours .... is just accept and believe. And live according to His grace.

We remember them today in this Feast of All Saints.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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God our Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us teachers who teach us many good things. Please give them strength to face their trials in life and give then the power to teach us with love . We know that you love us all and you give us that power to love them too. Guide them by your wisdom and give them the courage to persevere.

Help them to fulfill their duties in teaching us by their example. As we celebrate today , the World Day for Teachers we hope that that they will enjoy time with us. May they always live and happy and healthy life. Protect them from any danger . Inspire us also that we can give them the love like their daughter and sons. You who live and reign forever and ever , Amen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

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The Lay Women Missionaries spent a day of silence and prayer on the occasion of the Feast of St. Therese . On that occasion also 7 members of the LWM made their yearly commitment to the mission. Fr. Lauro of the Society of Mary journey with them as recollection master. Our spiritual guide Fr. Lauro, SM led us to reflect   the beauty and wonder of a rose. A bunch of roses are all roses bunch each one has unique features and beauty that can bring to the world. Its beauty and goodness shine not of its own making but because of the of power , love and care of the gardener.  In same way, missionaries shares, shine and gives color and beauty to the world because of the love of God in them.
Mission is not of doing work in far or near areas but of making order things in the place where you are.
These missionaries renew their commitment to answer and share the missionary activity of the church in the place where they work. Many of them work with natives in the mountains and were missionary partners of the PME Fathers.

PS. Who are the Lay Women Missionaries?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Movements in Life's Journey

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Three Movements in Life's Journey

 It is said that, ” life is journey”. In a journey we usually take different movements. These movements has to be balanced for us to enjoy the journey and become a precious moment.
The first movement is the Sitting Moment.
This is the very moment where you are. What are the sitting moment of our lives? This is moment where one will find him/herself. Know where are this time? Where are your going? What harbors in your mind and heart?
Second is Kneeling.
Upon knowing where we are, our feelings, thoughts and looking all the demands of life, we are invited and encourage to kneel. Kneeling moment is a praying moment. Do you find time to pray? Bring your agenda to your
Creator and listen to Him.
The third movement is the Walking Movement.
Life is more meaningful if it has a sense of others not minding their business but of minding what can you share with them. Service is a love acted upon. Living a life with a sense of mission. These three movements help us live a more meaningful  and beautiful life. Beware of the danger ! That is magnifying one and depreciating the other. It has  to be balanced.

PS. Know the Desire of your Heart.  Surely, your heart will guide you

Saturday, September 17, 2011


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Many of my friends are asking, Floi when is Bo coming to Davao ? Please let me know. Heto Na !
The world known lay preacher BRO. BO SANCHEZ is coming to Davao for the Kerygma Conference 2011. Venue of this activity is at Central Bank ( Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas] on December 3, 2011. This is another life giving event for us to experience. Let us welcome and receive God's tremendous blessings thru this inspirational conference. 

Attached with are sites where we can know more of the upcoming event :

Monday, August 15, 2011


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Holy Cross of Davao College launch its commemorative stamps August 15, 2011 on the Feast of the Assumption .

The Philippine Postal Corporation issued HCDC  stamps . These stamps are classified as "commemorative" as
HCDC commemorates 60th Anniversary. each stamp features the  different  HCDC Campus . Main Campus at Sta. Ana Avenue, Bajada Campus for the Grade School and High School. and the Babak Campus

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Davao City Responsible Waste Management System

It started last July 1, 2011 that Davao City strictly complied Republic Act 9003. Davao City residents segregated their waste categorically ; BIODEGRADABLE , RECYCLABLE  RESIDUAL

People pf Davao is now so conscious where to put their waste. Thanks for the strict implementation of the law.
It made us more becoming law abiding. That's fantastic.

Waste segregation will make us also creative and resourceful and surely even it is only a waste but could help people augment themselves financially because the Special Wastes are cans, battery, destroyed appliances. 
 Biodegradable can be turned into organic fertilizer. How? Vermi's knows this well for worms  would help mother earth becoming rich again.

We started a good practice this time that will cycle into a good harvest in the future.

P.S. Further inquiry with regards of Vermi Culture that would help   
        you disposing your kitchen waste just    email me
    Vermi-compost is a 100% organic fertilizer   

Monday, July 4, 2011

Justified Anger

The Lady mayor of Davao City rest for a while after throwing punches to the daring Shrief  who thought he could man a cool demolition. Demolition always a tense situation. In the standard of the society throwing of punches of someone in authority is un ethical , but we can understand each one has a limitation. One can do it to abuse power and one can do it to exercise and to protect the good of majority. If we are going to trace  hours before it happened Mayor Sara was so busy personally monitoring the victims of floods in the city of Davao and asked thru Sheriff to wait her that she could personally witness the demolition and facilitate the residents of the area.  Here comes demolition started and chaos follows. Surely the mayor was not able to maintain her composure upon loojing the situation. Surely that demolition will turn into bloody if Mayor Sara  failed to come.

Was it evil or a virtue? The newly installed president of ADDU says, 
While it “would have been nicer" if the mayor did not attack Andres, Duterte-Carpio’s actions were correct because they were done “in defense of the people," Tabora said.

“When anger is provoked by wrong, anger is not only justified, it is a virtue," said newly-installed Ateneo de Davao University president Joel Tabora, S.J.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Davao Flash Floods

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A midst of heavy rain, roaring of thunders and lightning residents of Matina Pangi, Matina Aplaya and Bangkal of Davao City were in deep sleep when a flash flood suddenly visited them at the eve of June 28.The flash flood causes death of children and adult. The latest number of fatalities 25 and 15 of them are children. The waters rose quickly as being recalled by many survivors and swallowed some houses . Many are shocked as they experienced a high water entered their houses. 

'Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte said that as of yesterday noon, 15 people were still missing and a total of 40 houses were washed away. The city estimated the total cost of damage at P40 million, including the wrecked footbridge in barangay Matina Pangi '.
City government of Davao is so responsive in looking to the situation, Civic, military and even religious sector are  working to help the flood victims. 

Would that be the last  flood? It's nature warning. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fr. Pat with the JCC Catechist

May 22  in the afternoon was a spceaical moment with the special person FR. PATRICE PICARD, PME.

 He is the founder of the John XXIII Catechetical Center of the Archdiocese of Davao.

XXLL Size T shirt with caption

The JCC Alumni gathered at Cursillo House, Davao City to give tribute to the JCC founder and first director. This gathering was coordinated by Mercy Sakay Tabuclin
Marina Mesina one of the JCC first graduates .
She is one of the many catechist whose life was moved by Fr. Pat

Accept this remembrance XXLL T shirt Fr. Pat
Armand joyfully hand this to Fr.Pat
Life is a song to sing...are they singing??

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The beauty''s of the 80s

The sounding message of Fr. Pat to the  JCC Alumni

Rosanna and kids with Sr.Nitz

We share in the banquet of the Lord with Fr. Pat

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart's Desire

 Each one of us have a top most heart's desire. A nurse by profession with great possibility of working abroad to earn dollar opted to live a simple life and give herself to the mission because of her heart's desire as God's gift planted by God into her  heart. Her name  is Dolly. A Lay Missionary Associate of the PME. This woman recognized that there was a certain special longing deep  within herself as she encountered Jesus Christ through a religious seminar on her teen age days. That experienced lead her to a desire for God. After her nursing course she was invited by her close friend who is a med tech by profession and was working in the mountain with the lumads ( natives ). Dolly  made a kind of exposure at the beginning but amazingly she stayed working with the health program for natives for more than 5 years. What made her stay for 5 years?  Because of her heart's desire. 

Dolly shared this experienced of the love of God not only to the natives in the Philippines, but she opened herself to  people in other countries like Cambodia as  she joined the Lay Missionary program of the PME Fathers and became PME Associates. Because of this heart's desire she work in Cambodia for more than 10 years as health workers not to earn dollars but to witness  the love of God to the less fortunate in Cambodia. She was able to share the mission of Jesus happily and continue it joyfully because  of her desire for God.

By the virtue of our baptism we share the mission of Jesus  and called   to do it in  the place where we are ; it could be in the market place, in the school, hospital , private and public offices, and to our families. Be a missionary on your own little ways.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days of Reflection and Prayer

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On these days of   Holy Days; Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the summit day Easter Sunday, we are all invited to journey with our self , with others and with God, These are days of intense invitation from God to see our self in relation to our family, to other who are in  need of our love and concern, and in our relationship with our God.

What bothers you most at this moment in our life?. Are there conflicts to be patched up? Do you  harbor pain  because your were mal-treated. Whatever feelings of hurt, pain, and rejection there is a call to us , the call to forgive. Oftentimes, we ask God's forgiveness as we say," forgive our sins", what if the Lord will ask us in return, "will you forgive"?

Its not easy to forgive. God's grace is needed for one to do so. But can you start doing it by praying to the person who caused pain and hurt to you by praying. " Father forgive ________name of person________ for to she/he does not know what she/ he is doing. Teach me and help me forgive and have mercy on me a sinner. Repeat this prayer many times as you could, say it morning, afternoon till evening. Lastly, decide to forgive.

P.S. There's a call to forgive. Make it part of your mission starting today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love Google

I been using google for quite time , but it's only this time that I open and sign up for google site.
I laugh to my own self of being not exploring google. I thought before that I have to pay in order get into a website. Google has many products for us to enjoy and make most of it.

For the past months I been searching about search engines, looking finding what niche all about and thinking of good content and community whom I could address to. I been reading many online articles, marketing articles for email marketing. I am hopeful I could learn all these things in the near future as to increase my google adsense. I will not give up searching as to become identified by the search engines.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greediness Not Poverty

Is poverty is the underlying cause of the kidnap for ransom in the Philippines ? Someone me. My opinion to this question , no is not. I believe that people behind to this crime are not poor. I think they are not poor but only they are greedy. The desire for more and amidst of material things the feel empty. They desire to have more but failed to find the real motivation of having more. They wanted perhaps satisfaction not commitment to serve and help others with what they posses. They failed to develop to live a life with a sense mission . Mission to earn more money rightfully.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Going Beyond Awful Experience


Amidst of a liturgical ceremony a little girl collapse . She was attended right away the company nurse. It was felt by almost everyone that the weather was so hot and portion of the gym was directly strike by the sun. I felt the concern of the situation not only to the little girl but also to the group of young ladies who were directly hit by the sun light, so I went to the head of the institution and suggested that these few girls be removed from their seats for a while . But surprisingly the head reacted furiously saying "it's not hot, no it's not hot" . I went back to my place with a great dismay. She give more value to order of seats than wellness of a person. I feel hurt and disgusted. But I have to make a decision not to be slaved and controlled with that emotion. I made a plan to talk it over with my head to let her know of my experience with her. I lift her to God in prayer. Now I gradually feel free because I made a decision to forgive.

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Monday, February 14, 2011


The Champion! Blue Team!

Holy Mass the core of the celebration attended by the HCDC Employees from the grade school , high school and the college department.

waiting for others to come

The table of the Lord after this we have eating tables......

The theme for this years celebration is HCDC Family united in the Spirit of Fun, Gratitude and Hope.

Its really in the spirit of because majority of the employees stays up to 4:30 p.m. They waited for their prices.... Big apples... and tumblers for them to use when they are thirsty.... inum..inum.. aron dili mag uga ang throat. That's truth!

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