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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holy Pilgrimage - Davao Group

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Dreams come true. This is real expereience of  31 pilgrims from Davao and from other places of the Phlippines. The group of pilgrims journey from Philippines towards the Holy Land.  We visited Jordan, Israel and Egypt through our Travel Agency, the Margarette Tours.

It was a great blessing from God to each one of us.  Thank you Lord for allowing to walk in your footsteps.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Own Mission: Organic Chicken Are Free Range Chicken

My Own Mission: Organic Chicken Are Free Range Chicken:   Subscribe in a reader Free Range chicken are commonly organically grown chicken. Free range chicken had the access of the outdoors acti...

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Organic Chicken Are Free Range Chicken

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Free Range chicken are commonly organically grown chicken. Free range chicken had the access of the outdoors activity, rather than spending their entire life in a cage in which they hardly move and scratch for their natural food. Though, it is said these chicken had an outdoor access of course it is not  sky is the limit.
It has a regulatory meaning. 

Organic means pasture access. They are feed by grains and vegetation and some insects as they go around. All these give nutrients to the chicken. Chickens who  have been feed organically, raised without the use of  chemicals and fertilizers taste far better . They are not injected with hormones and antibiotics. Their outdoor movements made them leaner and meatier and surely good for the human heart.

What benefit you can get from Organic Free Range Chicken?
Range chicken has been recently analyzed with fascinating result that organically grown chicken have much amount of omega 3 fatty acids in breast meat.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Holy Land Pilgrimage

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 As month goes by pilgrims applicant are coming in to join the April 2016 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
April 18 - 29 the exact dates of the pilgrimage. As of now there are already 20 pilgrims signing and much more some paid the full amount of 140k. The preparations become a blessing and at same time a spiritual journey. Day by day each pilgrim will pray to each other as for spiritual preparation. Pilgrims started to exercise as to prepare oneself physically. 

It is awesome and amazing  that this Holy Land is always a place of perpetual tension between Jew and Arab.
A place of manifestation of God's blessing to His people - in fertile farmlands contrast to a desert. This is the land , " flowing with milk and honey".

What made the land holy? According to biblical scholar and archaeologist Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, this occurred for the Jews when the Ark of the Covenant was carried into the Holy of Holies in the Temple at Jerusalem and “the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord” (1 Kings 8:10).

Friday, October 2, 2015

Raising Healthy Chicken

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Eight months ago a friend of mine hand to me two chickens of same variety. They are in orange colors. Beautiful and now they turned into hens laying numbers of eggs and hatched them naturally. One of the first batch of chickens after  four months landed in the kitchen for food, And the other was sold for their own food.  Now they turn into self sustaining pets. 

I love raising chickens that would eventually my hobbies and at same time become my entrepreneur  the moment I will retire two years from now. I will make it sure that these chickens grow healthy not only for my food but also for others.

It is amazing  to see chicken will eat different kinds of food. But, it is good to choose the healthy one, fruits and vegetables and corn. Recently I found one food that chicken loves to eat is copra mill. Healthy and delicious for chicken. There are varieties of chicken and you can choose your own.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Holy Land Pilgrimage

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In God's appointed time Catechists, Evangelizers and Gkk Leaders could see this place in their beautiful eyes.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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 Eights  days more to go, we will be receiving a vibrant, joyful yet fearless visitor in the person of Pope Francis. God bless us Filipinos to have Pope Francis for few days to journey and pray with us. Praise God for this blessing. 

Pope Francis moves me to ponder to how should I witness and live the gospel.   He challenged me to be brave not according the ground of my ideology and philosophy but according to the teachings of my God.  That amidst of scarcity, life has to be lived joyfully. This is what to be  blessed,

Humility is virtue  to practice for one to live a joyful life. When we speak good things about others we are  experiencing authentic joy than talking ill against other people.   In moments that I humiliated, a ray of hope would surface out.  Hope also makes us joyful.