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Friday, October 2, 2015

Raising Healthy Chicken

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Eight months ago a friend of mine hand to me two chickens of same variety. They are in orange colors. Beautiful and now they turned into hens laying numbers of eggs and hatched them naturally. One of the first batch of chickens after  four months landed in the kitchen for food, And the other was sold for their own food.  Now they turn into self sustaining pets. 

I love raising chickens that would eventually my hobbies and at same time become my entrepreneur  the moment I will retire two years from now. I will make it sure that these chickens grow healthy not only for my food but also for others.

It is amazing  to see chicken will eat different kinds of food. But, it is good to choose the healthy one, fruits and vegetables and corn. Recently I found one food that chicken loves to eat is copra mill. Healthy and delicious for chicken. There are varieties of chicken and you can choose your own.

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