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Saturday, May 11, 2013


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Two nights more to go is Philippines election day. Many Filipinos who are lovers of politician both nation local are busy campaigning  for the last hours for their  beat. What a funny but sad Philippine political scenario. 
 Days before election many  groceries stores got a good income of their sold noodles. Noodles are  the cheapest means of enticing votes in favor to a particular candidate. There are lucky ones received bigger enticement, and that is receiving a bigger amount of money where a portion of it will be distributed to their friends and neighbors in favor of a candidate.  Our candidates save much before election or during their office terms and spend much during election campaign. This is the Philippine Politics. This scenario  reflects the political immaturity of many of us Filipinos, including myself. We will not point and blame to politicians but we have also look our voters. Vice versa. Why they become such kind of politicians? First and foremost, we allow them to become such kind of politicians. In other hand, politicians took advantage of the immaturity and the political uneducated people for the their vested interest. Many Filipinos are like starve species who will radically grab any thing thrown unto them during election period. Having feed and with "utang na loob" eventually they can choose the wrong politician.  Is there A HOPE TO THE PHILIPPINES AND FILIPINOS? 

Our hope does not lies on the political leaders. Our hope lies on us Filipino people.  Let us not depend much of our leaders. Let us develop a mind set and direction as people that would shape a good leader. A good leader comes from good people. Believe in your goodness as person. Let us believe in our goodness as people. Let us not wait others to start, let us start from our self.