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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Year

Two days more to go we will be entering year 2010.
What is ahead of us in this year 2010? Many of us has mixed emotion. Would it be a
promising year? Would it be a lucky year? No one could give a clear answer.

But what this year all about may come and start in our way of looking at it.
People of faith must believed that this coming year is a year of full of hope. Assurance does not come from us but, it comes from the One who hold tomorrow.The One who hold the time, the One who hold our hand.

It is nice to think that before leaving 2009, we open ourselves with a positive
thoughts that we will be blessed by our God . And declare to receive His blessings in the coming year.

Be blessed and become a blessing to others.
Year 2009 will close but our mission will continue as we journey year 2010.