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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Davao City Responsible Waste Management System

It started last July 1, 2011 that Davao City strictly complied Republic Act 9003. Davao City residents segregated their waste categorically ; BIODEGRADABLE , RECYCLABLE  RESIDUAL

People pf Davao is now so conscious where to put their waste. Thanks for the strict implementation of the law.
It made us more becoming law abiding. That's fantastic.

Waste segregation will make us also creative and resourceful and surely even it is only a waste but could help people augment themselves financially because the Special Wastes are cans, battery, destroyed appliances. 
 Biodegradable can be turned into organic fertilizer. How? Vermi's knows this well for worms  would help mother earth becoming rich again.

We started a good practice this time that will cycle into a good harvest in the future.

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