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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heart's Desire

 Each one of us have a top most heart's desire. A nurse by profession with great possibility of working abroad to earn dollar opted to live a simple life and give herself to the mission because of her heart's desire as God's gift planted by God into her  heart. Her name  is Dolly. A Lay Missionary Associate of the PME. This woman recognized that there was a certain special longing deep  within herself as she encountered Jesus Christ through a religious seminar on her teen age days. That experienced lead her to a desire for God. After her nursing course she was invited by her close friend who is a med tech by profession and was working in the mountain with the lumads ( natives ). Dolly  made a kind of exposure at the beginning but amazingly she stayed working with the health program for natives for more than 5 years. What made her stay for 5 years?  Because of her heart's desire. 

Dolly shared this experienced of the love of God not only to the natives in the Philippines, but she opened herself to  people in other countries like Cambodia as  she joined the Lay Missionary program of the PME Fathers and became PME Associates. Because of this heart's desire she work in Cambodia for more than 10 years as health workers not to earn dollars but to witness  the love of God to the less fortunate in Cambodia. She was able to share the mission of Jesus happily and continue it joyfully because  of her desire for God.

By the virtue of our baptism we share the mission of Jesus  and called   to do it in  the place where we are ; it could be in the market place, in the school, hospital , private and public offices, and to our families. Be a missionary on your own little ways.

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