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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Days of Reflection and Prayer

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On these days of   Holy Days; Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the summit day Easter Sunday, we are all invited to journey with our self , with others and with God, These are days of intense invitation from God to see our self in relation to our family, to other who are in  need of our love and concern, and in our relationship with our God.

What bothers you most at this moment in our life?. Are there conflicts to be patched up? Do you  harbor pain  because your were mal-treated. Whatever feelings of hurt, pain, and rejection there is a call to us , the call to forgive. Oftentimes, we ask God's forgiveness as we say," forgive our sins", what if the Lord will ask us in return, "will you forgive"?

Its not easy to forgive. God's grace is needed for one to do so. But can you start doing it by praying to the person who caused pain and hurt to you by praying. " Father forgive ________name of person________ for to she/he does not know what she/ he is doing. Teach me and help me forgive and have mercy on me a sinner. Repeat this prayer many times as you could, say it morning, afternoon till evening. Lastly, decide to forgive.

P.S. There's a call to forgive. Make it part of your mission starting today.

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