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Friday, April 1, 2011

Going Beyond Awful Experience


Amidst of a liturgical ceremony a little girl collapse . She was attended right away the company nurse. It was felt by almost everyone that the weather was so hot and portion of the gym was directly strike by the sun. I felt the concern of the situation not only to the little girl but also to the group of young ladies who were directly hit by the sun light, so I went to the head of the institution and suggested that these few girls be removed from their seats for a while . But surprisingly the head reacted furiously saying "it's not hot, no it's not hot" . I went back to my place with a great dismay. She give more value to order of seats than wellness of a person. I feel hurt and disgusted. But I have to make a decision not to be slaved and controlled with that emotion. I made a plan to talk it over with my head to let her know of my experience with her. I lift her to God in prayer. Now I gradually feel free because I made a decision to forgive.

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