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Monday, September 19, 2011

Three Movements in Life's Journey

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Three Movements in Life's Journey

 It is said that, ” life is journey”. In a journey we usually take different movements. These movements has to be balanced for us to enjoy the journey and become a precious moment.
The first movement is the Sitting Moment.
This is the very moment where you are. What are the sitting moment of our lives? This is moment where one will find him/herself. Know where are this time? Where are your going? What harbors in your mind and heart?
Second is Kneeling.
Upon knowing where we are, our feelings, thoughts and looking all the demands of life, we are invited and encourage to kneel. Kneeling moment is a praying moment. Do you find time to pray? Bring your agenda to your
Creator and listen to Him.
The third movement is the Walking Movement.
Life is more meaningful if it has a sense of others not minding their business but of minding what can you share with them. Service is a love acted upon. Living a life with a sense of mission. These three movements help us live a more meaningful  and beautiful life. Beware of the danger ! That is magnifying one and depreciating the other. It has  to be balanced.

PS. Know the Desire of your Heart.  Surely, your heart will guide you

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WoodFloorist said...

Interesting perspective.