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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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The Lay Women Missionaries spent a day of silence and prayer on the occasion of the Feast of St. Therese . On that occasion also 7 members of the LWM made their yearly commitment to the mission. Fr. Lauro of the Society of Mary journey with them as recollection master. Our spiritual guide Fr. Lauro, SM led us to reflect   the beauty and wonder of a rose. A bunch of roses are all roses bunch each one has unique features and beauty that can bring to the world. Its beauty and goodness shine not of its own making but because of the of power , love and care of the gardener.  In same way, missionaries shares, shine and gives color and beauty to the world because of the love of God in them.
Mission is not of doing work in far or near areas but of making order things in the place where you are.
These missionaries renew their commitment to answer and share the missionary activity of the church in the place where they work. Many of them work with natives in the mountains and were missionary partners of the PME Fathers.

PS. Who are the Lay Women Missionaries?

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