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Monday, October 31, 2011

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Many who journey and passed this life whose name are not listed in book of saints in our church but listed in the hearts and mind to people  who was touched by their example nary life. They are saints unknown to many but known to the few and to God Himself. They became saints not because they are blameless. These people commits sins in their lives like you and me. Why they became saints? Whey God open His kingdom for them? One of the many reasons why they became saints because as they struggle against many odds in life they fully understood and believe that God really loved them without any reservation and expectation. And these love of God in them permeates in their lives and they allow God to make miracle in their struggle. A midst of these struggle moving towards God there were few who have witnessed them. But many also who struggled for Gods glory were never seen and recognized but God recognize them as they silently  trust and believe God in their hearts and make an effort to follow His Will. 

You and I can never be perfect by our own ways and effort, but we have the assurance that God is perfect and will make us perfect through His son Jesus who gave up His body,  shed His blood for our perfection. Ours .... is just accept and believe. And live according to His grace.

We remember them today in this Feast of All Saints.

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