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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Davao Flash Floods

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A midst of heavy rain, roaring of thunders and lightning residents of Matina Pangi, Matina Aplaya and Bangkal of Davao City were in deep sleep when a flash flood suddenly visited them at the eve of June 28.The flash flood causes death of children and adult. The latest number of fatalities 25 and 15 of them are children. The waters rose quickly as being recalled by many survivors and swallowed some houses . Many are shocked as they experienced a high water entered their houses. 

'Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte said that as of yesterday noon, 15 people were still missing and a total of 40 houses were washed away. The city estimated the total cost of damage at P40 million, including the wrecked footbridge in barangay Matina Pangi '.
City government of Davao is so responsive in looking to the situation, Civic, military and even religious sector are  working to help the flood victims. 

Would that be the last  flood? It's nature warning. 

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