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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God Works Wonder in my Two Teeth

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One of my great fears is to put my self sitting in the dental chair. It made my blood pressure high to the point that both the dentist and self collapsed. My teeth becomes an indicator of my retirement day.. for I will no longer work when my teeth will no longer be in placed and could no longer be replace by a false teeth. 

At the second day of the  retreat as I took my breakfast with the retreatants. I sense that something was cracking in my mouth and as go on chewing the food I recognized that I am already chewing  my two teeth. What a wonderful moment for like me who could not sit in the dental chair because of my uncontrollable fear.

It is an answered prayers. As I keep on requesting and asking God to in place my teeth for it is vital part of me and to my ministry and  mission.  Days from now I will have a new but false teeth. Thanks be God for He works wonder in my two teeth.

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