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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curse or a Blessing!

The typhon Ondoy that hit many parts of Metro Manila, Phillipines brought many reflections, realizations and learning to us Filipinos. Ondoy devastated many things much more ended lives of many.
Was a CURSE? A BLESSING? One may say it does both. Yes it destroyed many things and lives, but also made Filipinos more generous. That even poor Filipinos were touched and opted to give and share their time, money and goods to the victims. For those whom could not give money and material things, they still give in forms of good wishes and prayers to victims.

Spirit of generosity was not only evoke by Filipinos but also other people in other countries.
Businessmen, artists, showbiz personalities and people of good will share to us.

We living at the southern part of the country is moved and at this moment we keep on mobilizing and educating children and young people to share and give what they can give.

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