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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Challenge to Love in Action

The past weeks for me was a stressful due to the demand of my ministry in the school and to the accident happen to the old woman who stay with me in my house. She is not related to me by blood, but since she is close to our family no immediate family cared for her I feel morally bound to reach out this old woman. The woman was hit into hard object good that not so serious with some bruised in her left and right shoulders. And every time I nurse her I always think that this is Love in Action.

Just this morning I reflected that this woman is third old folks that I cared. First was my mother, then my father, and now this one. But I believe God has a purpose of giving me this mission. For the past months, I keep on pondering of helping people through my wealth. That is why almost everyday I pray Bo Sanchez Millionaires Prayer. Now I reflected that God is calling me not just of dreaming to have more and just give but concretize love into action directly to the person in need.

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