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Friday, April 23, 2010


A group of young mentors asking me , Ate does God knows what will happen to me in the future? Is He destined us to become what we become? I believe He is all knowing. Why should one do something hard for his future ? They argued. Yes God knows, but it doesn’t mean that man will not do his part. Man is wonderful being that reflects the surpassing nature of God, I replied. Man is endowed with intellect and will. Therefore, man has the capacity to think, understand. decide, choose and the power to pro-create. Yes, God knows how one would exercise his capabilities for him to make all the possibilities to become.
We become of what we think . We become of what we choose. We become what we do. The point of reference for us here is look to our very nature that you and I as wonderful creatures are good as pronounced by God upon creation. Think that you are good. Surprisingly you will be motivated to choose and do good. Energy follows thought. You become of what you think.

Let us capture our goodness. And hold on to it. Believe in your goodness. Believe in God who is the source of all good things. And live life amazingly.

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