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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If your want to be happy, if you want to be free, let the notorious culprit out of your life. Quit holding on of the undesirable feelings of resentment and wanting to be even with the other person.
Human as we are, a times we want to have a good result. We introduced things that we believe that it is good for others. But in return they could not see the good intentions. What they can see is their unfounded feelings to what is being introduced. What is worst, they limit themselves to what they believe, and making themselves unbecoming to them. These situations often times bring us to feel down. But it’s nice that we will not focus on looking to other people’s reaction and attitude . Instead, we have to look at ourselves. Screen our thoughts and listen to our feeling and qualify them. Pause, ask yourself, Why? What? Why am I feeling this way? What I want?
Answering the above questions requires the following virtues. First Honesty . Honest not to defend oneself from other people mis-interpretation. Honest of listening to what God wants to us do on that situation. Do we have to react and put ourselves in their level? Or do you want God to bring justice in your life? How would you like for God to restore everything that has been taken from you?

Secondly, Trust. Learn to trust God to bring about justice into your life. Nothing to prove. Sometimes we want to prove to the concern people that they are wrong. We want to go around trying to pay back for the wrong they’ve done to us. We don’t have to go around to get even with people. God is our vindicator. All we need is to start letting God fight our battles for us. Let God settle our cases. If we turn matters over to Him and let Him handle them in His ways. He will bring justice to our life. Don’t make mistakes of sinking down to our offender’s level, getting into fighting and arguments. That will make the simple matters worse. Leave it to God.

Thirdly, Forgive. As we brings matters to God, He calls us to forgive. Say to the father, like Jesus let us to come to the Father saying, “Father forgive ( name of the offenders) for they don’t know what they are doing” .

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