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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doing Beyond

It is challenging to any one to care someone who is not related to you. This is my very experience
of serving and caring and old woman name Felisca. Worst was that, in the past two weeks Felisa was attacked by hundreds of lice of her head. And the poor old woman keep on scratching her head. Moved by her helpless condition I try to out smart all those lice but at the beginning it seems they were mortals. Finally they were wiped out by hot oil of fresh coconut milk. All the lice that occupied in the head of the old woman gradually died.

To give a hot oil of the head wrapped by lice is not easy if I don.t see this act beyond ordinary and normal action .My simple deeds becomes meaningful because I look at it as way of sharing Jesus mission. I feel that I am a blessing to a lowly woman who has no opportunity to pay back to what was given to her.

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