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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Coming of Jesus

Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago on this season of

Christmas. The coming of Jesus , the Emmanuel manifest God’s presence

yesterday , today and tomorrow. He comes in history this what we are celebrating

in this season of Christmas. He comes in mystery in the celebration of the

Eucharist and He will come again in His Glory.

Our common understanding of Jesus coming especially on the season of

Christmas is in joyful celebration. Big images of the characters of the Belen

surrounded by the gifts that we received , and fabulous lightings. Is Jesus’

presence limited only in that scenario? I believe Jesus coming and presence can

also be experienced in suffering, in challenging moments of our life. The picture

or image that can be seen is no longer the baby Jesus in a Belen but an image of

suffering someone, a dying and aged person, poor and the oppressed . Yet the

grace of God is abounding that He manifest His loving presence in the comfort and

the unlimited blessings bestow upon us.

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