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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What can I do with Small Lot Area?

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Since childhood I love farm, precisely because I grow up in the farm. When I became a profssional  this love remains in me. I personally planted fruits tress like rambutan, durian , and lanzones Years later I moved to the urban and occupied  in 120 square meter lot area but my passion and love in soil still remained. What can I do with small lot area? From fruit trees I moved to ornamental plants around my house. I planted  lucky plants, sansevieria, and agloanema. To maintain the plants I use vermi cast to fertilize my ornamental plants. Fortunately lucky plants are now on sale for wedding  give a ways. Now my passion in gardening started to link into enterprising. Started in a form a hobby and become an enterprise which is part of my mission .

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