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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What next After 3 Years

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June of 2009, there Campus Ministry of our  a reshuffling that took place in our office. I was assigned in the Campus Ministry of Grade School Department. I was surrounded by children of different grade levels. My ministry was challenging but what is consoling is that God never abandoned me. He guide me in my day to day task as I carry out my mission. I enjoy preparing the grade 3 pupils for  their first communion, Organizing the grade 1, 2, and 4 pupils for their meaningful Children's Encounter. I had also a memorable expereince of coordinating and preparing the grade 6 pupils for their Pre Graduation Retreat.

To see Jesus in the faces of innocent children is worth remembering. To feel the support  of the teachers and staff are moments that can't be equaled to any amount of money or material things. Everyone in the campus touches me. Every activities I engaged made  me grow and learn something new. The  seminars that I conducted deepen my faith and learning skills. My years stay at PHGS-HCDC Grade School was an opportunity for me to  serve God and others, allows me relate harmoniously with rest members of the community and at same time exercise
my leadership skills  and grow professionally. It was a memorable missionary experience.

What next after 3 years?  I am now back at the Holy Cross of Davao College main campus. I feel stranger  looking with grown ups  and adults at the beginning. But, I believe God with His spirit always at my side. He is more bigger and greater than these big people around.

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