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Friday, August 31, 2012


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Ministry is a way of touching other people's lives, Our work , in whatever forms is our ministry.  Sometimes we understand ministry with capital "M" , a church related activities. Small "m" which we usually do  is just making ordinary service  to others.  It is in our work that we become true to our self as we  live the good value of compassion and fairness.

Ministry is a Call.
We are called to do a task . And this task will be expressed in a different areas and location. The place where we work we become agent of change. What it means to be an agent of change? What you are , is even more than what you do, has an impact on people in  our workplace.  Self awareness in needed here. Being conscious of where we are and what we are doing.

Christians with a Mission
As baptized we shared the mission of Jesus Christ.
Being a prophet, king and a Priest.
We are a prophet by witnessing through words and actions in spirit of love. Saying kind words and doing loving actions is not limited in the sphere of church organization. This can be done in the family, community and in our working place. We serve as king by rendering service and we exercise our priesthood by our life of prayers.
The Vatican II and the Synod of the Laity states, "All the baptized participate in the mission, in the world; the church secular vocation, but to do so in different ways.  For lay Christians , their presence and activity in the world is not simply accidental; rather it is central to their vocation ;  the "world" is the environment and the means by which a lay christian  lives out his vocation".

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