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Saturday, August 24, 2013

vegetables and fruits

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Years ago, I was contemplating of my coming years where in I have to stop working 8 hours a day. What would be my possible flow  of life on my retirement days?  Lot of possible scenario came to my mind. What would be my other sustenance aside from pension? I have to look for another alternative. Farming, vermi culture, and making a boarding house are the options. I started gradually, and in period of one year construction ,  a room with  a comfort room was built.  I am so happy and grateful to God for this material blessing. My  is exciting moments for me. Though I may no longer receiving every 15th and 30th income but I believe the Lord God will in place me as He will continue to provide. One is so clear to me that I will still continue to my mission of sharing the mission of Jesus Christ.

Working in an institution or company may end but our work for the vineyard of the Lord must continue through our service and involvement in our Christian community.  Our mission must go on!

Are there challenges in our retirement days?  The following are possible challenges;
  • Keep one's mind heart focus to God's eternal promise
  • Keep one's body strong and healthy through exercise and eating vegetables and fruits
  • Attend community and church activities
  • Get in touch with good friends with similar aspirations and values
  • Observe moments of prayer
  • Trust God's always loving presence
Retirement is a call to trust and a call to live a meaningful life.

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