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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Happy With What You Have and Have What You Need, Not What You Want

No matter how much you acquire, it's virtually impossible to have it all. There's always something newer and better being introduced. Try to be happy with what you already have.

That quote is from a book about getting rid of clutter. The book is quite interesting and I found that quote to be one of the most helpful reminders. We should all remember, that as humans, we do not need to have everything that we see on television. I think for humans, that habit of wanting it all begins with the first Christmas that people celebrate with their children. Child's first Christmas and though usually the manger is no where in site, the Santa Claus and the presents are all around the place. And almost always there is great competition to make sure that your child has the best of everything.

If we stop right there , we could change the course of our financial history. If we would just bring more spirituality back into Christmas celebrations, we would all be so much more happy. Yes some children would be disappointed but after the first or second spiritual Christmas they would become used to it the same as they would become used to other things in life too.

I think, for me, I like that quote and I am going to read it every day. That should make a dent in what possibly might have been. Or at least, I will be more focused, and more knowledgeable about what I really want in life. True spirituality comes in wanting what you have and having what you need not what you want. I will try for true spirituality. I cannot say that my plan will work. But I can say that I will try and for me that is a good beginning.

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