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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reading the Bible, An Easy Task and Pleasant Hobby

Yes, I heard you say that you do not have time. Seems these days, no one has time to read the Bible. And I know the reason why. Most times, humans misinterpret what reading the Bible means. When you think about reading the Bible, what do you think? The average person pictures picking up the Bible and beginning at page one and continuing on until you finish reading the whole book. This is not the way to read the Bible. Well, it is one way, but usually it is not the most effective way to read it.

I will list for you some of the best ways to read the Bible, and then I will sit back and ask you to share your ideas with me also. Could you please write and tell me if any of these ideas has helped Gyou read more? And write and let me know what your own creative ideas are.

Good Ways to Read the Bible:

  • Open the Bible, randomly, and place your hand on one page, one paragraph and read just those few lines or the whole paragraph.
  • Go to a religious or spiritual bookstore and read the decorative items in there. (Most have Bible quotes on them), or pick up their Bible and read.
  • Go to Barnes and Nobles Booksellers and find the Bible or Reference section and look for the most fashionable or interesting-looking Bible and take a peak inside and read a few lines.
  • Go to a Bible class and read along with all your neighbors.
  • Decide to go to church one day and see what chapter of the Bible they are reading from.
  • Buy a children's Bible and read that.
  • Volunteer to read the Bible to children in your schools or churches.
  • Write the Bible. Yes, you heard. Take a pen and copy a paragraph from the Bible , onto an index card. So you read it once while writing and then later on in the day, you read the sentences one more time.
  • Go to the card section in any store and look for Easter or Passover cards and check out the quotes from scriptures there.

Those are all ways to read the Bible. What are your ideas?

Linda Perry, a published author, creator of genuine, unique television shows that air on Time Warner and on Cablevision in New York City. A warm-hearted individual who gives a voice to those who have been silent all along. This author produces television shows about almost all topics that help people in their lives. Many of the shows are entertainment; some are information and resources and still others are festivals, fiestas, and community events that bring all people together in one place in the city or in the country. The author has experience adopting, raising , caring for, feeding and watching all types of fish and other animals.

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