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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deflected Thoughts of Fr. Guido Arguilles


In trying to understand God,

man runs into a danger of

making a god of his understanding.

The search of divinity need to be in humility.

In trying to understand love, we may well fall in love,

with our understanding and so confuse

our understanding of love with the act of loving.

In trying to understand our faith

and in the very act of understanding,

men sometimes foolishly and in pride

think that their understanding

of faith is the guarantee that they have faith.

Faith can only be truly understood

by those who love it

as man can only be understood by

those who care for people,

not necessarily by those

who lecture on people or preach to people.

Those who try to explain

our faith in God runs into the

danger of missing the point of faith;

that the God of our faith

is infinitely beyond

our faith in God.

For divine mystery

is beyond human mystery.

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