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Friday, January 9, 2009


January 8-9, 2009 the scheduled retreat of the the first batch retreatants of the graduating students of the Holy Cross of the Davao College. Part of the retreat activity is writing of reflections. Some of the participants are sharing their WRITTEN REFLECTIONS for others to read and journey with them in spirit.


A retreat is a good venue to reflect one self's perception about ones worth. The word retreat
is not knew to me, hence I have already encountered hearing it but haven't actually
experience it. At first, I found it as an escape from my daily tasks in school and at home,
but when the activity unfolds us to reflect and dig from our experiences,
I found the retreat as an avenue for me to find myself.

Lately, I've been in a state of anomy; a psychological state where a person is confuse about one self's worth and feel that everything he does is just a habit and find life's activity
as a way of just doing it. In simpler terms, I felt that I have lost my direction in lifeI lost my drive to become motivated about everything I do. I've been rejecting God in my life and was thinking and was thinking that He does
not exist and He is just an alibi for some to escape reality. My life was nothing but a trash, dumped slowly each day. I would admit that I don't have a happy family.
Though I'm the only child by my parents, I find our living
as a banana peel; slippery and decays easily. My parents stays in the same house with me
but I feel they are apart. My friends in the school are my only roots that helped me to stand and laugh about life. Generally, I have the worst life and those things drawn
me to feel the anomy.

I am thankful for the retreat for it directs me to God.
The sessions are so helpful for me to know and accept that all those miseries
I expereinced are just trials that test my faith with the Lord.
The confession that I have made is the most direct way to release my loads
that I been carrying for so long now. I ask forgiveness from God and I
feel He has forgiven me. The priest who listen my confession told me that I have to
pray and believe . Because prayers are missing in my routine.

I may fool others by my happy facade but with God, I know I am just fooling myself.
I thank all of my friends, for supplying the energy that I need to face the
the imperfect world. Though I have an unhappy family still I know I could be the only
light that could direct my parents to be good . jhong


For the first time in years I have allowed myself to be vulnerable. It is not because I don't want others to see me as a weak person or crying baby, but because I don't want
to see myself as a loser.

I have always been the kind who sucks it all in pretending, I'm OK and doing find but actually not. Thar's who I am. I am strong, I'm invincible, no one can nail me down to the ground,
and none can hurt me , when am actually burdened and bruised
because of all the things I perceived I am.
And for this day, I allowed myself to be vulnerable not in front of the crowd
but in front of own self.

I've been harsh and hard to myself and I have blamed myself for all my misfortunes.
And today, I cried deep and hard because I want to forgive myself.
I want to make peace with myself and be renewed, energized and become better.
And tomorrow on, I will love myself a little more than yesterday and learn to forgive and forget. by: wngskie

It was once said, " unexamined life is worthless"...The two days retreat that was held last January 8-9, 2009 at Nazareth Retreat House was blessing and opportunity given by God to me. Thru this retreat I have learned the importance of forgiveness to our life as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

An activity about " Recognizing my Wounded World ", was the most uplifting and enlightening to me because through this activity I was to recognize and share the message of my heart. The activity opens my eyes to the reality that I am not alone carrying the baggage's if different circumstances. I feel the sympathey and sincerity of my co-retreatants especially when they offered prayers to my mother who is struggling as a cancer patient. I feel the goodness and the embrace of God whenever I look at and see my co-retreatants because I know they are all God's blessing to me

I am thankful for this wonderful experience which allows me to share and celebrate life with God's providence and Will. by:beth


Life is full of colors; colors that represents into different emotions and experiences that leads our self to grow as who we are, and change for the better. Retreat is a moment for me to let myself rest and think about of what is happening in my life.It is a call of God to surrender all my hatred and angers to others. It is a ways where in I could forgive others and a tool for letting myself be close to God. anonymous


"UNEXAMINED LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING"... This is the most striking lines that opens my mind amidst of doubts, uncertainty and confusions about life. The retreat was a helpto me to examine my life. it was avenue for for me see my life, my weaknesses, my strength and to recognize my wounded heart. I was able also to communicate with Godwholeheartedly. And see the purpose of my existence.The opportunity of seeing the lives of others that leads me lesson and reason tobe thankful especially to GOD. I blessed because I learn how to forgive. mem

LET GO......Learning to let go of the past and move on to a better horizon, that's one of the many things I have learned from a retreat Mistakes cannot be straighten by another mistakes. I learned to admit my mistakes and submit every thing to God. I learn to forgive myself of my mistakes thus helping me to forgive others. I realize how beautiful life is, especially the difficulties and that we were experienced for God will always be there with me no matter what happens, He will not leave me.nhong

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