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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joy in the Rain

Every day Ihave to commute three times in going to my work.
One even before sunrise heavy rains come. No choice I have to go to my work.
AsI take my second ride , the car that I take sudenly stop. Something wrong with one of the wheels. How bad! I have to rash to find another ride amidst of the falling rain. Good that I have
good rain coat given to me by my high classmate. Along the road amidst of the rain waiting for
another ride. The situation could be disgusting, erratating but what calm me is that as I turn
look to the shoulder of the road. The poor driver without any caot under the heavy rain tunning his jeep and manipulate the wheel inorder to change it. If we passengers look pitty
there is one guy who struggle than me amidst of the cold heavy rain.

Sometimes we can think we are the most neglected person in the world. We though nothing
good would come to us. But let us remember , that if we suffer, other sometimes suffer more than us.

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