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Monday, April 6, 2009

Love is the core of the missiion.

Twenty years ago I was contemplating of giving a service to the poor and elderly. And it was gradually realized. It started with my mother who was ill for 3 years and finally passed away. Then, twelve years after, I accompany my aged father who died at almost 90 years old. And now I am making another apostolate to an elderly, who happens to be my step-mother.

Yesterday, I visited my step-mother. It is a regular visit that I am doing almost every weekend Because my step-mother was alone at that day, I have to stay with her overnight. As went to bed I pause a moment of reflection looking of where I am now and the reason of all my activities, from home to work, to church involvement and visiting and looking to what is happening to my step-mother. I came to reflect that this courage, strength is not only of myself but comes from God. Though I was tired on that very night, but I vividly feel and understand the unconditional love of God to me. I see this undertakings as my mission and the core of this mission is Love It is love that motivates me give and serve to this poor elderly woman .

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