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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sharing The Mission of Jesus of Giving Time with the Poor

An elderly poor woman living alone in a village. With the generosity of another widow who extended help as to accompany the old woman. But it so happen that the widow's daughter got sick and she has to nurse her in her own place, so she has to leave the old woman. Perhaps because of Holy Spirit's movement that I have a deep urgency to visit the woman, and I arrived the place I found out that the woman during Holy Wednesday was alone. I am touched to accompany her from Wednesday up o Black Saturday. My usual activities during Holy Week is to attend church services, but I forgo it, for the sake of the old women whom I see the presence of the lonely Jesus in her. That very experience was sharing of the mission of Jesus to be with the poor, abandon, outcast. I celebrated Holy week with the passion, agony of the old women and feel the loving presence of Jesus in our midst.

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